Work Smart

Work smart

1. Manage Time

2. Stay updated : apply and share new knowledge

3. Learn from mistakes : study other people’s behavior pattern, be actively observant

4. Read books

5. Fast and right decision 

6. Increase attention power

7. Expose yourself to different world views

8. Try new ways to do old things

Deciding Once

Fixed Decision 

Pehlehi set Kiya hua faisla.

It became routine 

Remove stress and pressure from mind to do important things

Long term decision making

Wrong decision don’t give any value in life

Build the right routines

You can’t control anything

Routines are effective way to goals

Design your routine by yourself

1.start small 2.Find Your Rithem/flow 3.Follow Goal

Put everything in its place

Minimalistic living by things that important 

1.arrange things 2.find place to put 3.put away unimportant it one by one 5.weekly routine

Batch it

Batching similar activities and arranging in particular order will save your time, energy and hard work 

Be kind to yourself 

Appreciate yourself, love yourself, be positive..

1.Value yourself 2.Adapt Growth 3.Celebrate

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