Avoid Negativity

what is negetive?

Seeing an another side of positivity is good but you do not have to take it as negetive.
You can supposed to be negetive If you are thinking about to do bad things or cheating with this world.

 How to stay away from negativity

Adopt mindfulness with you that can experience you the positive through the rooted root ed routine

KNow where you get the negative thoughts picture it can be TV or mobile or people around you so that you can avoid particular TV show, an app in your smartphone or that toxic people around you if you can stay away from them if you can’t then make yourself about to not engage with them.

Change place so much negative that you can’t ignore it you wait for some to be stop automatic but it doesn’t then you have the option to get out of it to change place make sure where you are going is to have positivity sometimes when you are new people they hide their inner side and show you the good face that you believe them circus in other case some people says the truth it will hurt your emotion we think they are bad.

Sometimes when we struggle with negative challenges we will be more stronger than before that’s why you have to decide first get over it or let it go.

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