Should i leave mobile data on all the time?

Mobile phone has become an important part of all our life today. It is not possible for many people to spend one day without using mobile phone or internet. There are many of us who on mobile data only when needed. But most people who have their mobile data on 24 hours always. Some people rarely turn their mobile data off.

 So in this post we have discussed about latest necessary to keep mobile data always On like 24hours a day?


Whether or not mobile data should be turned on always is depends on how the peoples uses the mobile in the area.

If a person lives in a place where network strength is very good, then if the data remains on 24 hours, then generally there is no problem. On the other side if a person lives in a place where the mobile network is bad, and the network keeps changing, then it has the opposite effect on the mobile.

When the network changes, the mobile has to work continuously to find the signal. Mobile constantly searches the network, due to the continuous work of the mobile, the battery of the mobile decreases quickly. Also, by continuously searching the network and the arrival of the network, it is believed that mobile starts releasing more radiation than normal conditions. Higher radiation can have bad affects on health.

When the mobile is constantly searching the network in the area of ​​bad network, then the mobile remains hot even without using it. Whereas if you are in a place where the network is good, it does not get hot even after using the mobile for a long time because the mobile does not have to search the network.

Now in such a situation, if you live in an area with a bad network, then it is better to turn on mobile data only when needed or use a SIM whose network is good in that area.

Keeping mobile data off when not needed, the mobile does not heat up as well as the battery runs well. At the same time, the risk of radiation is also reduced.

Secondly, when you live in an area with good network range, a lot of apps keep working in the background by keeping mobile data on continuously. This leads to higher data consumption. The way to reduce this is to restrict the unnecessary app from using data in the background. Also, go to the settings of the apps and turn off the option of auto update and auto download. Update apps only when needed. And delete the unnecessary apps to better function of mobile.

In this way mobile will have to work less. Overall, instead of keeping 24 hours of data on, it is better to turn it off at night, when you does not use mobile and when your phone’s battery is low. Now the data has to be kept on, or off it depends on your wish and your requirement of it.